HENSOLDT presents its extensive range of Integrated Airborne Solutions at Singapore Airshow

HENSOLDT will be presenting its wide range of sensor technologies at Singapore Airshow 2022.

The line-up of HENSOLDT solutions on display include its PrecISR multi-mission surveillance radar, the Argos II electro-optical gimbal and its Integrated Airborne Solution.

At Singapore Airshow, HENSOLDT will introduce Argosia for the first time in Singapore. ARGOSIA is a range of embedded SURMAR and ISR mission systems designed to meet the requirements of air surveillance and intelligence missions. Together with battle-proofed sensors and equipment selected for their reliability and performances, ARGOSIA proposes many system configurations meeting the needs of Defence, Maritime and Overland Surveillance, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue as well as IMINT and SIGINT missions.

This modular and multi-console system consists of the Mission Management System software ARGOSIA, which integrates an advanced digital cartography engine, a sensor-fusion algorithm and powerful decision-support tools that help optimize operator workload.

The ARGOSIA system includes ergonomic operator workstations for tactical situation display and sensors command and control together with radio communication devices.

ARGOSIA is a pre-integrated, sensor-agnostic solution, relying on a large array of sub-systems complying with the operational needs of the end-user:

• Maritime surveillance Radar and IFF interrogator
• Multi-spectral Electro-Optical tracking system for positive identification
• Automatic Identification System receiver for commercial traffic monitoring
• ELINT system for radar signals interception and emitter localization
• Radios HF, V/UHF, SatCom, Datalink LOS.

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