International Defense Industry Agenda 09 – 15 October 2023

• Sikorsky, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, introduced the reconnaissance helicopter RAIDER X.

• Türkiye took over the command of NATO's Peacekeeping Force in Kosovo for 1 year.

• The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan approved the agreement on the establishment of a joint regional air defense system with Russia.

• The US military has announced that it has successfully completed trial tests of the military version of Elon Musk's "Starlink" satellite system.

• Bulgaria will cooperate with France in the field of modernization of its army and nuclear energy.

• An agreement was signed between the USA and Kosovo for the delivery of 7 drones.

• Türkiye gave 75,000 military uniforms and supplies to South Sudan.

• The United States has approved the sale of 3 Patriot air defense systems to Spain, worth about $ 4 billion.

• The Indian Air Force has tested a surface-to-surface version of the extended-range BrahMos ER missile.

• Burkina Faso has signed an agreement with Russia to build a nuclear power plant.

• The US Marine Corps conducted the first test flight of the artificial intelligence-powered unmanned aerial vehicle Valkyrie.

• Slovakia has approved the purchase of air defense systems worth 200 million euros. Thus, Barak from Israel and MANPADS air defense systems from Poland will be purchased.

• The German defense company Rheinmetall has unveiled the Skyranger 30 short-range anti-drone system, which is deployed on an unmanned ground vehicle platform.

• The British military has announced the launch of its first underwater surveillance ship.

• A new small gas turbine designed by Rolls-Royce to power hybrid-electric flights has successfully completed its first fuel test.

• The US State Department has approved the transfer of 24 F-16 fighter jets from Denmark to Argentina.

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