International Defense Industry Agenda 14 – 20 February 2022

The US State Department approved the sale of 250 Abrams tanks worth $6 billion to Poland.

Defense industry cooperation agreement is signed between Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

Russia announced that it tested the Lancet kamikaze drone in Syria.

The Moroccan Armed Forces signed an agreement to purchase the Barak MX air defense system worth $500 million from Israel Aerospace Industries.

Poland signed an agreement with the United States to develop its first nuclear reactor.

German defense company Rheinmetall unveiled a new mechanized fire support vehicle with a 120mm smoothbore tank gun.

The European Union announced a low earth orbit satellite system project worth 6 billion euros to ensure the security of internal communications.

Five US soldiers were found guilty of leaking footage of the F-35 crashing into the South China Sea.

Israeli defense firm Elbit Systems introduced its new UAV at the 2022 Singapore Airshow.

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