International Defense Industry Agenda 21 – 27 February 2022

Russia began an invasion of Ukraine when Russian President Putin announced that they were launching a special military operation in Donbas in eastern Ukraine.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense announced that the Iron Dome air defense system has been successfully tested at sea.

The German Defense Minister stated that Germany will increase its defense spending.

The United Nations announced that after the military coup in Myanmar, the Myanmar Army received ammunition support from China, Russia and Serbia.

SpaceX sent 46 more satellites into space as part of Starlink.

The Philippines announced that it has reached an agreement with the Polish aviation company for the purchase of 32 Black Hawk helicopters for $624 million.

For 2022, Japan allocated $46.9 billion to national defense expenditures, which includes investments in new fields such as cyberspace.

Ukraine's Ministry of Defence published videos of Bayraktar TB2s hitting Russian targets.

The US State Department approved a $1 billion project for the construction of Kuwait’s new Defense Ministry headquarters.

India has suspended its plan to purchase Predator drones from the US.

The hacker collective known as Anonymous disabled several government sites, including Russia's national news site Russia Today.

The United States announced that it will provide 350 million dollars in military aid to the Ukrainian Army.

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