IrvinGQ’s ATAX land displayed with Viper LRRV in Poland

British aerospace systems manufacturer, IrvinGQ, displayed its ATAX land system integrated with a Viper LRRV (Long Range Reconnaissance Vehicle) at defense industry exhibition MSPO held earlier this month in Poland.

ATAX is a Modular Multi-Role airdrop system that utilises an airbag shock attenuation system negating the requirement for EDM, significantly reducing rigging and de-rigging times.

“The ATAX land is a multi-modular platform. Up to five platforms can be offered as a system that's up to 16,000 kilograms. The great beauty of that is the fact that we can deploy it and redeploy it many times without any concerns, rapidly Rigging and De-rigging and support the operator’s needs,” the International Business Development Manager of IrvinGQ, Andrew Herrod, stated in an interview with

“Any army can use it from a reconnaissance point of view for, for the Recce Brigades for, for deploying an aerial delivery capability into an operational theater around the world,” he added.

Herrod also explained that IrvinGQ doesn’t only serve Poland or Europe in particular, but also Patterns from around the globe. “IrvinGQ is a global aerial delivery provider. So, we're in many markets around the world offering this unique ATAX land system. So, for our further colleagues that looking after the Europe, the Middle East and under and secondly, Latin America and South America, so well, we're positioning ourselves to support the operator's needs,” he said.

Herrod also mentioned that IrvinGQ will be in a number of shows around the world within the next few months, where it will be displaying its systems and capabilities to customers and partners. “We've got a busy program up as IrvinGQ we're going to be in Seoul, ADEX Expo, Expodefensa in Colombia, and then the World Defense Show in Saudi in the New Year. So, we're really looking forward to meeting customers, briefing operators, and giving them a good overview of our capabilities,” he said.


ATAX is a Modular system with each platform module measuring 2.74 m x 2.46 m (108” x 96”) aligning with existing airdrop systems.

ATAX is compatible with all common Cargo Handling Systems and is suitable for airdrop from the C130, C17, A400M and KC390 aircraft

ATAX is suitable for use with typical in service cargo parachutes such as G11, G12 and SC15.

In flight procedures align with the most common in service airdrop system reducing training burden.

IrvinGQ’s ATAX land displayed with Viper LRRV in Poland

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