Kalekalıp produces Turkey's first military-grade suppressor

Kalekalıp, a Turkish company established in Istanbul in 1969 to design and produce precision molds, machinery components and special purpose machines, developed Turkey's first military-grade suppressor system.

Kalekalıp General Manager Selim Erol talked about the suppressor system in an interview with Defensehere.com, Erol said:

"Kalekalip aims to design solutions for their user which incorporates the best and optimum use of solution and for this sample for example you see KCR556 11-inch weapon equipped with suppressor and 40mm under barrel grenade launcher.

Our 40mm under barrel grenade launcher can be used with the weapon or we can also use is standalone. There are dual uses.

This suppressor is also unique to us. Our design team can design and develop suppressors, military grade suppressors and we are the only company in Turkey who has this capability and we already designed and developed few models and we already shipped to Turkish Special Forces."

Mr. Erol also said that these suppressor systems are an important and modern element for weapons because they reduce the loud sound waves created by the weapon by 30-35 decibels, providing tactical advantages and easier operation for the troops using it.

KALEKALIP suppressor

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