KALEKALIP's family of rifles

Kalekalıp, established in Istanbul in 1969, produces in-house designed infantry rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns and automatic grenade launchers.

Kalekalıp General Manager Selim Erol talked about the company's family of rifles to Defensehere.com:

"We treat our products as a family. This is our KCR556 family. As you see there are four different variants in this family. 7.5, 11, 14.5, and 16 inch barrel options. Based on the tactical need of our users we develop each one with unique characteristics. Our weapons are the most modern short stroke gas piston system design. Which gives the users many benefits compared to old version of direct impingement weapon.

This gas piston systems, doesn’t produce any pollution to the weapon and it is more stable, more reliable, provides more working condition and it is performing considerably well compared to traditional version.

This is our KCR762 product family, it has three members in terms of barrel size. 12.5, 14.5, and 16 inches. It has the same design principles and characteristics of KCR556, and it has also been already exported to some international users.

This is our KCR739 family, it has four members in the family. By design it is able to fire Russian ammunition on AR platform and it allows you to fire 7.62×39mm rounds and it gives you the flexibility to use Russian ammunition.

We already completed our qualification of the 5.56 machine gun which we call KMG556. We already tested with our users with 34 different tests, NATO tests. We all succeeded and it is qualified by the user and we are about to start serial production for this product. And this is KMG762, which is a 7.62mm machine gun it’s under development, this is a prototype. We are targeting early 2023 to complete the project.

This is our KMR762, a semiautomatic sniper rifle. We already completed its design and qualification, and we realized our first sales to South African user, and we also signed a new contract with Indonesian police forces for the first batch and we are targeting the shipment to mid of this year."

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