Keel-laying ceremonies for Russia's 5th, 6ths subs of project 636.3 for Pacific Fleet due 2021

Russia's Admiralty Shipyards will lay the keels for the 5th and 6th submarines of project 636.3 for the Pacific Fleet this year, the shipyards’ CEO Alexander Buzakov told Russian news agency TASS on Friday.

"This year we are to lay the keels for two project 636.3 submarines. The 5th and 6th for the Pacific Fleet," he said.

Buzakov added that no submarines of project 677 would begin to be built this year.

Earlier, the Admiralty Shipyards (an affiliate of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) handed over to the Pacific Fleet two submarines of project 636.3. Another two are in different construction phases. By 2024, a total of six non-nuclear submarines of project 636.3 are to be built for the Pacific Fleet.

Earlier, the Admiralty Shipyards built six project 636.6 subs for the Black Sea Fleet. Some of them participated in strikes with Kalibr-PL cruise missiles from the Mediterranean against terrorists in Syria.

In 2019, a contract was concluded for building two submarines of project 677, and in 2020, for one submarine of project 677 and one submarine of project 636.3.

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