Learn more about Pavo Group and X Infotech's software solutions for defense and weapon permit cards

In an interview with Defensehere.com, Olga Klimovica Eglite, Business Development Manager and Sales Director of Latvia based X Infotech, discussed its join forces with Türkiye's Pavo Group on military domain such as military I.D cards and weapon permit cards.

X Infotech is a global provider of software solutions for issuance and verification of electronic identity documents and payment cards. X Infotech is a part of Silverlake Axis Ltd Group of companies.  Silverlake Axis creates technologies to empower businesses in the Digital Economy, transforming industries like banking, insurance, retail and healthcare.

"We represent the company X Infotech from Latvia. We are coming from identity domain. We are doing documents like I.D. cards and passports, but we are also joining forces with Pavo Group for the military domain and namely for the military ID cards and weapon permit cards and multiple other solutions which we are able to complement this industry." Eglite revealed.

The Military I.D. Card

"The Military I.D. Card is a very powerful tool to enhance security in military sector. So this is a type of document that is issued to military personnel and to all associates, family members and etc. It can be done with biometric. Biometric of people can be stored on the card, which allows to check the identity of the people. All of this information is secured by unique cryptographic elements, which does not allow for the card to be forged so easily." she elaborated.

The Authentication

In order to show how the system works, Eglite said that "It gives the ability to check the personality of the person on the field, even without online connection. So, for instance, military officials can authenticate themselves even without internet using the biometrics and secure devices. My colleague, Ruslan Arzhanik, our Chief Technology Officer, is holding a device. The military people can be authenticated with such device."

"So, for instance, this particular card has a barcode in which is stored biometric, which is secured by PKI. In order to authenticate the person, you just scan the barcode and then afterwards, the identity of a person can be verified using the fingerprint. In this particular card there is my fingerprint. I will check, I will scan it, and then I do the checks and the device says that it's me, it's my biometric. And for instance, if Ruslan will scan his fingerprint, the device shows error. So, it's not his card, it's my card." Eglite explained.

"The military personnel can authenticate themselves even without internet. And it's done not only to prove their identity, but also to perform multiple secure actions." she highlighted. "Also, it gives greater traceability to all of the processes that happen in military industry. Before each action, the person can use his card to identify himself, and all of these records are stored in the system."

Authorization for defense and weapon systems

On the other hand, Dr. Alper Özbilen, Chairman of the Executive Board of Pavo Group, also talked about the system. Accordingly, ""The idea is to provide the traceability and as well as authentication. This is a separate system right now, but as a Pavo Group and X Infotech, we are bringing our solution together and this system are going to be part of the existing the defense systems and the weapon." Dr. Özbilen stressed.

"In order to use the weapon or the defense system, people need to be authorized by the system. On the other hand, we are also think about the condition in the workplace and we will create the profile in order to the level of the stress, the environments actually." Dr. Özbilen concluded.

Learn more about Pavo Group and X Infotech's software solutions for defense and weapon permit cards


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