Military Radar & Border Security Summit to take place on February 15-16, 2023 in Ankara

The 4th International Military Radar and Border Security Summit (MRBS), organized by MUSIAD Ankara under the auspices of the Turkish Ministry of Interior, with the support of the Ministry of National Defense and the Defense Industry Agency, will be held at Hacettepe Beytepe Congress Center in Ankara between 15-16 February 2023.

At the summit, where representatives of the Turkish defense industry will come together, innovative solutions and technologies for border security will be exhibited.

At MRBS, which is the first and only specialized event focusing on military radar and border security, risks and integrated solutions in air, land and sea defense will be discussed.

MRBS creates an export vision that transcends borders for its participants

MRBS will bring the Turkish defense industry together with decision makers from friendly and allied countries and host important cooperation agreements. The participation of foreign country representatives in MRBS increases every year.

MÜSİAD members, who make it their mission to transform cooperation into cooperation while developing technology, are also preparing to take their place in MRBS with the global products they have developed for the globalizing world in the field of defense industry.

This year, panels will be held at MRBS for the interest of young people in technology and production, and for meeting innovative technologies with innovative customers.

The Summit Bringing the Industry Together

Among the participants of the Summit, where many products in the defense sector will be showcased for the first time; There are important representatives such as ASELSAN, BMC, TUSAŞ, HAVELSAN, FIDES TECHNOLOGY, HAVELSAN HTR, VISCO ELECTRIC, METEKSAN, ASFAT, ROKETSAN, ROBİT TECHNOLOGY, KAYACI DEFENSE and MKE.

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