Naval Group launches third Brazilian Scorpène submarine Tonelero made in Brazil

The third of the four Scorpène submarines of the ProSub program was launched in partnership with Naval Group at the Itaguaí Naval base, in presence of the Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and French President Emmanuel Macron.

Only few weeks after the delivery of the Humaita, the Tonelero was successfully launched in Itaguaí and will soon start sea trials in order to be delivered in 2025.

Angostura, the last submarine of the series will be launched in 2025.

The company ade the following statement on the launch of the submarine:

“The launching of the Tonelero demonstrates the success of the ProSub program which is a key extension of the French-Brazilian strategic defense cooperation agreement signed in 2008. This program not only provides the Brazilian Navy with new capabilities and contributes to its ambitious Amazonia Azul strategy, but it also enables Brazil to rely more and more on a sovereign national industrial base.”

Pierre Éric Pommellet, Chairman and CEO of Naval Group: “The launching of the Tonelero is a major milestone for the Brazilian Navy, ICN, Naval Group and all our partners. This achievement is a result of our common work to make the ProSub program and its associated technology transfer a success. We are honoured by the high level of confidence the Brazilian Navy has placed in our expertise, and we remain fully committed to supporting the needs of the Brazilian Navy and contributing to the development a strong Brazilian naval industry.”

In addition to these four Scorpene submarines, ten other units designed and adapted by Naval Group for the export market are in operational service or under construction around the world: two for the Chilean Navy, two for the Malaysian Navy and six for the Indian Navy.

The final configuration of the submarine is adapted to meet the specific needs of navies and incorporate the latest innovations. For example, the Brazilian Scorpene is slightly longer than the original model to carry a larger crew and more food and fuel. These modifications enable longer patrols and greater distances.

All of the Brazilian Scorpène submarines will be equipped with Naval Group’s new-generation F21 heavy-weight torpedo, for which Brazil is the first international client.

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