New state-of-art incubation center inaugurated in Istanbul

The new state-of-art facility of Cube Incubation, Teknopark Istanbul’s incubation center, was inaugurated Thursday morning.

The opening ceremony of 10 thousand square meters building was attended by several highlevel officials along with participants from business and entrepreneurial circles.

With over ₺100M (nearly $15M) investment, the center is designed to host a group of more than 250 entrepreneurs with high added value projects.

Speaking at the event, Teknopark Istanbul’s general manager Bilal Topcu said the companies to be hosted by Cube Incubation will contribute to Turkish economy and focus on opening to the world from Istanbul.

Pointing out the major purpose of the program, Topcu said: “The center is focusing especially on entrepreneurs in deep tech, cyber security and health.”

“With its clean rooms, wet and dry laboratories, assembly workshop and cyber security laboratory, it is preparing to offer the critical infrastructure and support needed by the Turkish entrepreneurial ecosystem,” he said.

Cube Incubation’s new facility will also provide support to entrepreneurs in many areas such as investor-customer meetings, mentoring, consultancy studies, notion, and structuring of business processes.

- “Atmosphere to be created here will enthuse entrepreneurs”

In special interview, the head of Turkey's Defense Industries Presidency Ismail Demir told DefenseHere that there will be a positive chain reaction thanks to the attraction of this new center.

“Because people will influence each other, and then the atmosphere to be created here will enthuse entrepreneurs,” he said, adding that there will be opportunities for co-working.

Demir said to create an atmosphere that would make people say “If I have an idea, I can do it here, and I am happy to be here” is one of the main targets of the project.

“We expect this atmosphere to be created, to develop further and to set an example for other places,” he added.

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