Northrop Grumman Successfully Tests a New Solid Rocket Motor Developed in Less Than a Year

Northrop Grumman Corporation successfully conducted a full-scale static test fire of a new solid rocket motor that was developed in less than a year as part of its Solid Motor Annual Rocket Technology Demonstrator (SMART Demo).

The SMART Demo successfully demonstrated several innovative technologies, alternate manufacturing materials and processes to reduce lead times by 75 percent, including:

  • Several advanced, long-lead tooling products as well as components of the solid rocket motor’s nozzle structure, constructed with additive manufacturing techniques
  • A new cost-effective solid rocket motor propellant capable of operating at cold temperatures
  • Alternative suppliers and new materials that could supplement or replace other long-lead materials experiencing challenged supply chains

Wendy Williams, vice president, propulsion systems, Northrop Grumman: “We are designing and building the world's largest and most advanced solid rocket motors, and we’re proving we can do so with shorter lead times, an expanded supply chain and increased agility for our customers.”

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