Nurol Technology provides Pakistan's "Protector" vehicles with ceramic armor

Nurol Technology provides the vehicles called "Protector" used by Pakistani security forces with its own developed ceramic armor technology.

Nurol Technology Sales, Marketing and Business Development Engineer Tunahan Tunalitosunoğlu stated that they have long-standing cooperation with Pakistan's "Heavy Industries Taxila" company and said that they will continue to work in the same direction going forward.

Tunalitosunoğlu made the following statements to about the Company's activities in Pakistan:

Nurol Teknology provides Pakistan's "Protector" vehicles with ceramic armor

As Nurol Technology, we have been collaborating with HIT (Heavy Industries Taxila) in Pakistan for many years. Within the scope of this cooperation, we are carrying out armor modernization for the vehicle you have seen for years, which Pakistanis calls the "Protector".

We completely disassemble the body of this vehicle, which has a steel chassis, and integrate the armors developed by Nurol Technology with ceramics at B7 protection level to this vehicle. Our cooperation has continued in the same scope for years.

As part of this armor modernization, we send the vehicle armor kits, including all spare parts, together with the armor panels. Here, together with the team in Pakistan, we integrate these armors into the vehicle.

To date, we have successfully completed more than five contracts with HIT. New contracts are currently in the signing phase with HIT. I hope that we will continue to maintain the success we have achieved in the past years with HIT in the coming years.

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