Exclusive Interview: Learn more about Pakistan's anti-ship cruise missile Harbah from GIDS' CEO Kamal

Speaking to Defensehere.com Asad Kamal, CEO of Global Industrial & Defence Solutions, talked about its anti-ship cruise missile Harbah.

Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS) is a Pakistani state-owned defence conglomerate and the country's largest defense manufacturer.

"This is a cruise missile. So that means it can be launched from a ship. And also, you can launch it from a harbor. It is anti-ship as well as anti-land. This is basically a smart weapon in a way that you can target anything but in a radius of up to 290 kilometers." said GIDS' CEO Kamal. "When you launch it, you have the capability of programing it in a way that it does not approaches target, where the enemy can anticipate its trajectory in a very simple way. It will go zigzag. You can see the maps of the terrain in it, the maps of the buildings, the digital maps. It will recognize the altitude and the height of the buildings. Then, go through it. When it is at its target, it will rise above, open its eye, which is a seeker, and it will do relation matching of the target."

Regarding its target orientation Kamal said "It will see if it is a ship. It has an inbuilt library and it will compare the target. If it matches, then the target is acquired and locked and it will go down again and hit the target. We are offering it for exports to our friendly countries."

The project has been developed for the Pakistan Navy in order to create a indigenous solution for Pakistan ships that are fitted with anti-ship missiles. It already currently equips several naval platforms within the Pakistan Navy. Harbah missiles will also equip future Pakistan’s PN MILGEM corvettes.

Learn more about Pakistan's anti-ship cruise missile Harbah from GIDS' CEO Kamal


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