Pakistani firm Global Industrial & Defence Solutions showcases SHAHPAR-II UAV

Global Industrial & Defence Solutions (GIDS), a Pakistani state-owned defence conglomerate and the country's largest defence manufacturer, showcased SHAHPAR-II unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Speaking to Asad Kamal, CEO of Global Industrial & Defence Solutions, talked about the SHAHPAR-II UAV and said:

"So behind me, the UAV, we call it the UAV, which is an unmanned aerial vehicle. So it's called the SHAHPAR-II. So we spent about 30 years doing research and development and making all this. And we started off with very basic platforms. And then we graduated over time and making complex flying machines like this one. So this can carry two weapons which are laser guided weapons.

It can fly for about a thousand kilometers. It has its own camera, which we have made ourselves also a day camera and night camera and also a laser designator. So, when you're flying above in day or in night, you can basically spot your target. You can track your target and you can lase your target with a laser beam. And then when it is locked if you want to take it out, you just press a button and the laser missile goes and takes it out.

So that is what SHAPAR-II is all about. The target markets are obviously Middle Eastern African countries. We are also targeting some Central Asian countries as well."


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