PALS Electronics Company

Established in Istanbul in 1995, PALS Elektronik provides services in the fields of satellite antennas, system integration and broadcasting.

PALS Electronics Regional Sales Manager Nükhet Oral explained the company, its services and products to

Stating that they have products in many countries throughout the world, Oral said:

"Since the first day we delivered so many broadcasting equipment along with our own designed and produced satellite antennas. We have different types of series like drive-away antennas, fly-away antennas, satcom antennas, and also earth stations.

We are experienced on integration, installation, commissioning of any type of satellite equipment and also we have extended experience on retrofitting. Which means maintaining of a current system.

These different types of antennas had been delivered all around the world as I can say because we have products in Asia Pacific, in Middle East, South and North Africa and in Europe. These products always have been followed by our support team who are traveling all around the world all the time and giving excellent service to our stakeholders.

I’d like to add our localization procedure. We finally localized our satellite antennas with a local ratio which is 92%, it’s really very high percentage and due to we also produce the subsystems like specific components we can increase our local ratio in the technology. In that way we are very happy to provide our technology, especially to Turkish defense industry along with other countries.

Since 1995 we have extended experience also on broadcasting integration like producing broadcasting vehicles OB1’s and also disaster relief management vehicles which supports governments or associations when disasters happen. We are very happy to deliver our products to, for example, Vietnam and Azerbaijan and Turkish government, Turk Telekom and Turksat, Turkish Red Crescent, so as we believe we are servicing humanity here."

PALS Electronics Company

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