Polish MoD signs new contract with RAFAEL & MESKO for Spike LR Missiles

The Polish Ministry of Defense, announced that it is purchasing hundreds of SPIKE LR Missiles through RAFAEL’s local industrial partner, MESKO, in a new deal worth around 100 Million Dollars.

As RAFAEL’s local Polish industrial partner, MESKO has already manufactured SPIKE Missiles for the Polish MOD, and this will be the third such deal involving the SPIKE Missile Family. In collaboration with the Polish market since 2003, MESKO and RAFAEL are allowing for the sale of completely “Poland-ized” missiles to be provided for the Polish user. The robust local manufacturing capabilities have provided the Polish MOD with over 3,000 SPIKE missiles that are entirely Polish-made.

The legacy of success between RAFAEL and MESKO has brought about yet another achievement. The companies have helped support the Polish defense establishment through 20 years of joint work in securing the country’s valued assets and providing its armed forces with the most sophisticated technology of its kind in the world.

In keeping with RAFAEL’s global strategy, the support of local industry and allowing for not only technology transfer but also know-how has brought about another example of local industrial success and a thriving global partnership. This latest agreement further strengthens the existing relationship, and more similar deals are expected in the future.

Executive Vice President Dr. Ran Gozali, Head of Land & Naval Systems Directorate said the following:

“The SPIKE Missile Family has been supporting the defense capabilities of the Polish MOD for some 20 years. We are proud to be building on our longstanding partnership with Mesko, and are confident that there will be more agreements in the future. Building bridges with industrial partners around the globe is part of RAFAEL’s global strategy, and here we see how those bridges enable collaboration and better defense for our friends and allies.”

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