Profen announces antenna hosting services

Profen today announced some of its antenna hosting, establishment, maintenance and operations services.

Profen, headquartered in Istanbul with branches in Ankara, Konya and Tewkesbury (United Kingdom), is a company active in the fields of communications technologies, defence technologies, satellite network services and broadcast & media.

The company stated the following in their announcement:

Antenna Hosting Services
For your Teleport or satellite Gateway requirements either for LEO, MEO or GEO satellites and constellations, you can receive antenna hosting services at our 24/7 secured Teleport facilities. We are the licensed satellite service provider in Turkey and within the region. You can access the satellite arc between 45°W-105°E at any specific antenna size and frequency band.

Antenna Hosting Establishment
We are well equipped to provide all of the necessary engineering, civil works, construction, and inauguration of customer-owned assets at our locations. We are able to offer the local expertise to design, build and operate antennas at any of our sites.

Antenna Hosting — Maintenance and Operations
We provide exceptional capabilities for ongoing maintenance, operations and sustainment engineering for customer-owned equipment that is hosted at our ground station locations. Through our expert local (on-site) staff and operations team, we can also meet the needs of the most demanding TT&C applications.

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