Russian firm speaks to Defensehere about armed robot dog

Russian firm shows off armed robot dog demonstrator during International Military and Technical Forum ARMY 2022. Elektromashina Technical Director Alexander Atamanov spoke to about the armed robot dog demonstrator and its future development.

Technical Director Alexander Atamanov stated the following about the robot dog:

"This is a demonstration prototype, It’s a mix of technologies, technologies from China, from US, from Russia. It’s just for to understand, is it possible to use this type of robots in army in the future.

it’s not a product, it’s not a product yet. After this we will understand if army need this we will build it here in Russia from Russian components."

Defensehere: It got a lot of buzz.

"Yea, yea, I know we absolutely agree with all these things you know. If we’re talking about the customers, they told us yes, we need this product in the future because everybody understand robots will fight. In few years robots will fight, the drones and dogs or something else and of course we need to think about this and prepare for this."

Defensehere: How long it is going to take you to develop this?

"I think one or two years, because the level of technical in Russia is good but not enough for building some special products like robots."

Russian firm speaks about armed robot dog

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