Sahara Group reaches customers from 50+ countries

Dr Lami Kaya, Managing Partner and President of Sahara Group announced that the company has reached corporate customers from more than 50 countries.

Dr Lami shared the following on social media:

"It's our pleasure to announce that Sahara Group (Istanbul) has reached a historical record of serving corporate customers from 50+ countries.

We thank all our stake holders;
- our office team,
- our instructors/consultants
- our valued customers/clients...

We hope to reach more with your feedback/comments."

Sahara Group

Established in 2008, Sahara Group provides professional services in a wide range of sectors such as training, consultancy and business development.

Sahara Group has a wide range of training programs and offers these to many different institutions, companies and individuals. The clients of the company come from many different fields seeking the expertise of more than 1200 instructors working with Sahara Group.


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