Sahara Group Training and Consultancy

Sahara Group Training and Consultancy company gives training to many different institutions, companies and individuals, from defense industry companies to technology, from military officials to oil companies.

Established in Istanbul in 2008, Sahara Group offers training in many different fields with its 1200 instructors to customers from 46 different countries.

Dr Lami Kaya, Managing Partner of SAHARA Group, said the following about the training efforts in an interview with

"Sahara group has been established in 2008 in Istanbul. The aim was initially business development between Turkey and countries surrounding Turkey, then we started to conduct programs in training. We have a wide range of programs; more than 50 categories. Basic management all the way to aviation. We are providing these services with the help of certain agencies such as universities, ministries, professionals, companies. Basically, our aim is to match demand and supply in this respect there is no limit to our course offering.

Already in our website have more than 1500 courses has been, with all detail, published. But also those customers they know us they ask for a particular program we are able to customize that program and then propose them. So we have so many requests for a certain, particular program, customized program. This is actually giving us strength. It’s not a standard one, most of the time it is based on their needs.

So far we are serving more than 300 corporate customers around the world, actually we reached this year 46 countries. Some of them are neighborhood, some of them are from far east, some of them are from western countries and this is expanding. Those who see our quality, they are, new customers are approaching us. Regarding the course offering, there is lots of customers from oil and gas sector plus utilities such as telecom companies, electricity companies, infrastructure companies. Ministries are asking for programs. So there is no actual particular sector we can say but if you look at our references more than 30 percent are from oil and gas sector.

As we mentioned earlier there is no limit to our course offering but we have so many courses in security, cyber security, defense related issues, aviation, space. Some of our customers they don’t want to disclose their country name or the course, but we conducted number of programs in defense related field for our defense industry customers."

Sahara Group Training and Consultancy

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