Thai Ambassador to Türkiye Sugondhabhirom reviews Turkish defense industry

In an interview with, Apirat Sugondhabhirom, the Ambassador of Thailand to Türkiye talked about the possible cooperations on defense industry between Thailand and Türkiye.

His excellency stated that there are two MoUs in consideration between Thailand and Türkiye on the defense industry and that the Thai Government follows the developments of the Turkish Defense Industry and its producers closely.

"Officials and seniors of the military of Thailand have participated at IDEF2023 in Istanbul and had various meetings with the Turkish companies such as HAVELSAN, ASELSAN and ROKETSAN", His excellency mentioned to saying "There is a certain interest in UAVs which of course Türkiye is a leading producer in the world for drones. When we mentioned drones before, we thought of something up in the sky but of course right now, the unmanned technology has been developed further and a lot of the development has been initiated by Türkiye and I congratulate Türkiye on this.”

H.E. Sugondhabhirom, also announced that Thailand will soon be hosting the Defense and Security 2023 fair, which will be held in Bangkok from the 6th to the 9th of November.

Talking about the expectations from this year's version of the exhibition, his excellency said "Iam told that there is quite healthy interest in missiles; in guided missiles, military armored vehicles, aerospace industry, jet fighters and maybe submarines".

His excellency also mentioned that this year's version of Defense and Technology fair will include discussions on the role of AI in a changing world. “We have to adopt and adapt ourselves with the fast-changing trends of the world and AI is one of these trends.” he added.

Thai Ambassador to Türkiye Sugondhabhirom reviews Turkish defense industry

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