Serbian 98th Air Brigade provided with most modern equipment

On Oct. 26, Serbian Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin, together with the Commander of the Air Force and Air Defence, Major General Duško Žarković, visited members of the 98th Air Brigade at Lađevci airport near Kraljevo.

Commander of the 98th Air Brigade, Colonel Zoran Prodanović, presented Minister Vulin with the Plaque of the 98th Air Brigade as a sign of gratitude for his contribution to the preservation and development of operational capabilities.

Minister Vulin emphasized that the 98th Air Brigade is provided with some of our most modern equipment, but also with aircraft such as “Orao” (Eagle), that are being intensively upgraded . ”They also have the Mi-35s, the CH-92 unmanned aerial vehicles, and most importantly, they have people who have undergone comprehensive training and re-training, who are capable of using this state-of-the-art technology. Armed Forces are proud of their air force, but the air force also has a lot of reasons to be proud of the members of the 98th Air Brigade. The fact that 100 percent of their equipment is in good working order is something that far larger and richer armed forces than ours cannot boast of », Minister Vulin pointed out. According to him, members of the 98th Air Brigade performed particularly well on Pešter.

98th Air Brigade (Lađevci Air Base, Niš Air Base) is composed by the following units :
* 241st Fighter-Bomber Squadron
* 714th Anti Armor Helicopter Squadron
* 119th Mixed Helicopter Squadron
* 98th Air Defence Artillery Missile Battalion
* 98th Airfield Security Battalion
* 161st Airfield Security Battalion
* 98th Air Technical Battalion

Source: airrecognition

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