Somalia was the last stop of BMC's armored vehicles

The armored land vehicle needs of the Somali Armed Forces from Turkey were met. Within the scope of the grant project to increase the technological equipment of Somali security forces, BMC has continued its recent export success with a new country.

According to the information received, the procurement process of the vehicles was carried out with the armored land vehicle manufacturers in the Turkish defense industry. At the end of the process carried out with the Somalia Ministry of Defense, BMC's Kirpi I vehicle was chosen. BMC will record the revenue from the procurement of 12 Kirpi I vehicles to the export field.

The Demining Vehicle Kirpi, whose main task is a personnel carrier, can take many mission equipment on the base vehicle and can be produced in different variations and have different roles such as ambulance, command and control.

Kirpi, with its success in irregular warfare, protected the lives of security forces in many cases. Kirpi is safely used at every point where Turkish troops landed, as well as Turkey, Tunisia, Turkmenistan and friendly and allied countries such as Qatar.

With a 70 percent localization rate, Kirpi has proven itself by safely transporting troops in attacks, conflicts and operations both at homeland and abroad. Kirpi contributes to the economy with exports as well as the defense of the country. The new version of Kirpi, Kirpi II offers solutions for different needs, especially Turkey and its friendly and allied countries.

This year, BMC won the "International Armored Vehicle Tender" of the Tunisian Ministry of Interior and signed a contract for the production of 9 4x4 Medium Class Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicles (MPAV).

The company also exported the 8x8 tank carrier, the largest member of the Tactical Wheeled Vehicles Family, for the first time this year. With exports to North Macedonia, the BMC Tank Carrier succeeded in entering the inventory of a NATO member European country.

Source: AA

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