CTech develops satellite communication system for armored vehicles

The Mini Satellite Antenna Communication System (ZIRH-UHS) developed for armored vehicles by CTech Bilişim Teknolojileri has been integrated into the Vuran 4x4 armored mortar vehicle, a joint production of BMC and ASELSAN.

ZIRH-UHS, developed within the scope of the Turkish Defense Industry Agency (SSB) project, was successfully tested on the Vuran 4x4 multi-purpose armored vehicle.

Defense Industry President İsmail Demir made the following statement on his Twitter account on the subject:

"Our project to develop a broadband mini-satellite system for armored vehicles has been successfully completed.

With the project, a mini-satellite system (SOTM) working with a domestic frequency hopping military and civilian modem with switchable bandwidths was developed and integrated into the Vuran vehicle.”

The ZIRH-UHS developed within the scope of the project provides bidirectional communication between the mobile land platforms and the ground station via Ku-Band and consists of the following units:

  • 12” Ku Band SOTM (Satcom-On-the-Move) Antenna Unit
  • DVB Modem
  • Frequency Hopping (NATO STANAG 4606 Version 3 Compliant) EPM Modem

SOTM Antenna can perform satellite tracking in On-Road and Off-Road terrain and provide stabilization according to the axis movements it receives from the INS units.

During the demo and testing, a K-UHB (Land Vehicle Satellite Communication Unit) configured on a 4x4 BMC Vuran on the test routes (Off-Road and On-Road) carried out the following bi-directional communication with an M-UHB (Central Satellite Communication Unit) via TÜRKSAT Satellites:

  • Live Transmission of 4 In- vehicle and Out-of-Vehicle Camera Images
  • Video Call
  • Voice Call
  • Text Message
  • Voicemail
  • Encrypted and Unencrypted File Transfer
  • Instant sensor data of the Armored Vehicle received via Canbus - (high beam, low beam, fog light, signal, mine locks, belt warning, speed, engine speed, gear information)

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