Spain announces increase in military aid to Ukraine

Spain on Wednesday announced it will send more military aid to Ukraine to support its fight against Russian forces.

In a statement, the Defense Ministry said the new aid package will include air defense missiles, armored vehicles, ammunition, military advisers, fuel, and winter clothes.

Spain has hitherto fulfilled its commitments to the Ukrainian people’s legitimate right of defense, it added.

Officials in Madrid reiterated their commitment toward Kyiv's struggle as Ukraine marked its Independence Day and six months of Russia's war, which began in February.

"Ukraine is today the heart of Europe," tweeted Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. "Freedom and democracy will always win out over coercion and violence. Today, just as six months ago, Spain stands and will always stand by the Ukrainian people in their struggle to defend a free and peaceful future."

Spanish Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares described Russia's military campaign as an "unjust and unjustified invasion."

"The Ukrainian people and government have become symbols of resistance and dignity. Spain will continue to support them in the defense of their sovereignty, freedom and peace," he tweeted.

Source: AA

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