Taiwan buys 160 units of UAV Jackal

GEOSAT Aerospace Technology, one of Taiwan’s leading aerospace and technology companies, has purchased 160 units of the Jackal UAV developed by Turkish company Fly BVLOS Technology.

The pre-sale agreement was signed between Flyby Technology, the British partner of Fly BVLOS Technology, and GEOSAT Aerospace Technology at the TADTE fair that started today in Taiwan.

IP rights sold to UK

The IP rights of the Jackal UAV, developed by Fly Bvlos, were purchased by the British Company Flyby Technology last July. Jackal, which made its first flight on April 23, 2022, was exported to the UK on April 25, 2022. Jackal, which was converted into a UCAV by the British company that bought it, fired its first shot with Thales’ LMM missile in October 2022. Jackal, which attracted the attention of many companies from America, Asia and Europe and frequently mentioned in the international media, caused intense interest of the British after his shot with the missile.

Fly Bvlos Technology’s new design, test and development process continues at Fly Bvlos Technology’s facilities in Kalecik, Ankara. In August, the company released images of the new version of the Jackal with 6 propulsive EDF engines.

Jackal is currently exhibited at DSEI in the UK, at ISAF2023 in Istanbul and at TADTE defense fairs in Taiwan.

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