Textron Systems trains US Army on improved Shadow TUAS

Textron Systems' Improved Shadow TUAS, or Shadow RQ-7B V2 Blk III, was developed in 2020 to bring enhanced capabilities to the Army’s CABs. To support the U.S. Army’s fielding efforts of the improved Shadow TUAS, Textron Systems were selected to provide the soldiers with new equipment training (NET).

Each NET event is a five-week series of trainings which Textron Systems team conducts with each unit that has received the Improved Shadow. The events consist of two weeks of classroom training with an additional three weeks of flight operations.

As the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for the Improved Shadow aircraft, Textron Systems NET team works closely with a skilled team of subject matter experts (SME) and field service representatives (FSR) to ensure soldiers receive complete training necessary to safely operate and maintain the upgraded aircraft. Textron Systems' team has completed nine NET events, with an additional five scheduled through year-end.

“These NET events provide Textron Systems the unique opportunity to maintain regular touchpoints with the U.S. Army customer from development of the aircraft all the way through fielding and deployment,” said Jim Ryan, Senior Director of Business Development. “We have a team of subject matter experts with an operational mindset who are dedicated to supporting the sustainment of the Shadow TUAS.”

The Shadow RQ-7B V2 aircraft provides soldiers with advanced capacities needed for success in the continually evolving battlespace. The Improved Shadow system includes mission-focused upgrades including a 24% increase in horsepower, and more advanced HD payload capability. The system also is environmentally hardened to withstand up to two inches of rain per hour. More than 100 Improved Shadow aircraft have been fielded to the U.S. Army as an upgrade to the previous Shadow TUAS.

Shadow TUAS will continue to support global military operations for the U.S. Army through 2036.

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