Striking UAV KARGU in Karabakh

In the operation carried out by Azerbaijan in Karabakh, the rotary wing attack drone KARGU, which is produced by STM company, was used. In the images of the Azerbaijani Army, KARGU is seen after completing its mission.

STM’s KARGU once again took the stage in Karabakh. The images of the KARGU UAV, which successfully fulfilled its mission, were shared by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan.

Combat Proven Rotary Wing Loitering Munition System KARGU
KARGU is a National Portable Rotary Wing Striking UAV solution that can be carried by a single soldier and has the ability to detect and destroy in-sight and out-of-sight targets.

The KARGU platform has the ability to perform navigation completely autonomously with the help of the mission computer and to effectively and accurately destroy fixed or moving targets detected by the operator in the mission area.

The system is fully operator controlled by the "Man-in-the-Loop" principle. The system consists of "Striking UAV Platform " and "Ground Control Unit" components. KARGU®, which is included in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces and foreign countries, provides reconnaissance, surveillance, intelligence and precision strike opportunities to user personnel by providing detection and confirmation of in-sight and beyond targets in high-risk, complex conflict zones.

The KARGU system can be used again thanks to the mission cancellation and return home functions. The system has the ability to perform day and night tasks through its Electro Optical and Infrared cameras.

Striking UAV KARGU in Karabakh

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