6th Industrial Cooperation Days in Defense and Aerospace to take place between 17-19 April 2024 in Ankara

Organized by Ostim Defense and Aviation Cluster (OSSA) with the support of the Turkish Defense Industry Agency and the Ministry of Trade, the 6th Industrial Cooperation Days in Defense and Aerospace (ICDDA) will take place in Ankara, ATO Congresium, between 17-19 April.

Government officials, military officials, company managers and procurement committees from different countries will hold bilateral business meetings with local defense industry companies and SMEs within the scope of the event.

ICDDA will provide the opportunity to find new markets, new business and partnership opportunities to defence and aerospace main contractors and SMEs.

Defense, aerospace, homeland security technologies and supply chain issues will be discussed at the conferences, seminars and workshops to be held within the scope of the event.

The ICDDA was previously held in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2022.

As a result of successful and effective bilateral business meetings with the participation of supply chain and purchasing officials from abroad, ICDDA was previously deemed worthy of the "Defense Industry Special Award" in 2014 and the "Defense Industry Promotion" special award in 2017 by the Turkish Defense Industry Agency.

Twenty cooperation agreements signed at ICDDA 2022

The 5th Industrial Cooperation Days in Defense and Aerospace (ICDDA) with more than 90 participants from more than 50 countries was held in Ankara on 12-14 October.

Thanks to ICDDA 2022, Turkish SMEs and main industry companies came together with the supply chain officials of the world's most prestigious defense and aerospace companies.

In the event organized by OSSA, 7500 B2B job interviews were held in total. 20 cooperation agreements were signed between the companies and institutions of the participating countries from Europe, Africa and Asia and Turkish companies.

More than 1,500 people, including military, defense and commercial attachés of many countries in Turkey, public officials, end users, and representatives of domestic and foreign companies, attended the conferences held as part of the event.

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