Turkish KPA signs strategic cooperation agreement with Italian UAS at ICDDA

On the third and last day of the 5th Industrial Cooperation Days in Defense and Aerospace (ICDDA), Turkish Küçükpazarlı Aerospace (KPA) operating in Ankara signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Italian Umbria Aerospace Systems (UAS).

KPA Supply Chain Manager Taha Küçükpazarlı answered Defensehere.com's questions about the agreement.

Emphasizing the importance of the agreement in terms of technology transfer, Küçükpazarlı said:

“Küçükpazarlı wants to combine not only its production capabilities but also engineering solutions with its customers. At this point, the strategic cooperation agreement we have made with the Italians company will also bring a very serious technology transfer. Italians are really good at technology. Perhaps one of the most prominent countries in Europe. The R&D studies of the UAS Company are very parallel with our R&D studies. It became a company where we could speak the same language very well. I hope this strategic contract will turn into good works very soon. We think that it will provide great opportunities in terms of system design by providing an integrator service to aircraft flying all over the world.

Our R&D team has done very serious work on the landing gear and braking system. At this point, UAS company also has very serious studies, especially unmanned aerial vehicles are game changers all over the world. Turkey is now one of the most important countries.”

UAS manager Maiorca: Turkey has momentum that cannot be overlooked

When Defensehere.com asked about Turkey's recent development in the defense industry and aviation sector, Enrico Maiorca, Business Development Manager of UAS, said, “Of course, Turkey has an unmissable momentum, at this point, of course, we wanted to take our place here and we have signed a cooperation at a very right point.”

Turkish KPA signs strategic cooperation agreement with Italian UAS company at ICDDA

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