The next-generation ejection seat from Collins Aerospace: Aces 5

Mike Nulk, Director of Business Development at Collins Aerospace, introduced the Aces 5 ejection seat during an interview with

Mike Nulk stated that the Aces 5 ejection seat is currently being developed for the U.S. Air Force.

He also said that the ejection seat is suitable for not only 4th generation aircrafts but also future 5th and 6th generation aircrafts which will be operating for the next coming years.

Besides being the safest and most reliable ejection and escape system possible, as he mentions, there is also a couple of new safety features which are as follows:

  • Wider range for pilots based on weight and size.
  • The headrest system which prevents any kind of whiplash and additional damage done to the pilot's neck.
  • Passive restraint systems which are easily maintainable.

For the last feature, Mike Nulk added the following:

“So the whole thing is based on a modular kit system, which maintenance wise makes it easy for the air crews to get in, change things out, and not have to worry about as many of the different energetics. So that's kind of the third big feature there.”

The next-generation ejection seat from Collins Aerospace: Aces 5

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