Three Akıncı UAVs delivered to the Turkish Land Forces Command

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense (MSB) announced that three Akıncı UAVs were delivered to the Land Forces Command.

The following statements were made on the Twitter account of the MSB:

"Three Akıncı UAVs have completed their inspection and acceptance activities at our Airfield Command in Çorlu. Congratulations to our Land Forces Command on the beginning of Akıncı UAVs duty."

Bayraktar AKINCI UCAV, which made its first flight on December 6, 2019, entered the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces with a ceremony held on August 29, 2021. 79 Turkish Armed Forces personnel, who were given Bayraktar AKINCI UCAV training by Baykar Defense, successfully completed their training on 28 October 2021.

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