Turaç is set to launch 45 caliber cartridges in the domestic market this year and plans to introduce them to the global market in 2024

Turaç, situated in Çankırı, is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of lightweight firearms ammunition in the defense industry, predominantly catering to the hunting and shooting sector. With a product portfolio encompassing 120 varieties, Turaç has achieved exports to as many as 90 diverse countries.

Turaç's Team Leader, Hakan Ergöl, elucidated the distinctive attributes of the 45 ACP cartridges in an interview with Defensehere.com.

Ergöl conveyed that these cartridges are slated for introduction to the domestic market within the current year, while their international debut is earmarked for 2024. He expressed:

"The inception of the 45 ACP cartridge stems from the necessity for more potent and influential ammunition for the pistols used by the American military. As they sought ammunition more impactful than that belonging to the 9x19 and equivalent categories, the 45 ACP came to fruition, sporting a bullet weight of 230 grains. This product is particularly engineered for compatibility with Thompson light machine guns and Colt-brand pistols, particularly the Colt 1911 model, which has found extensive use in the United States Army. This caliber continues to be in use to a certain degree in approximately 50 countries across the globe.

It boasts an effective range of up to 1500 meters

In the domain of 45 caliber cartridges, the bullet weight stands out at 230 grains. This naturally heightens the cartridge's efficiency and penetration capabilities. The effective range of these cartridges spans around 280 to 300 meters. However, in terms of maximum reach, the bullet can extend as far as 1500 meters. Considering the bullet's exit velocity, we can approximate it to be around 280+20 m/s. While the bullet velocity may be lower compared to standard pistol bullets, this doesn't present any distribution-related challenges. Much like the 9x19 caliber, you can effortlessly achieve the same precision as with your target.

A palpable demand exists in the domestic market, which we identified several years ago. Despite the existence of similar products in the market, our ambition was to fabricate a brass-cased product that functions seamlessly and efficiently in its intended role. In this sense, there appeared to be a gap that required addressing. Our market survey aligned with these observations. The feedback we received for the product already available in the market has been resoundingly positive. Regrettably, European manufacturers currently satisfy user demands through imports, but our goal is to gradually alleviate this dependency.

The initial market launch will take place domestically, with international expansion planned thereafter

Regarding the 45 caliber cartridge, we have initially introduced it to the domestic market, primarily due to the significant demand and expectations in this arena. Our mission is to optimally meet these expectations this year. From the following year onwards, we will extend the availability of this product to the international market. However, our immediate priority is to effectively fulfill the domestic demand. When examining the original country and inception of this cartridge, our aspirations involve making inroads into the American market in the immediate future.

Exporting to 90 countries with 120 products

Turaç, which has been exporting products to 90 countries and producing 120 product varieties under the Sterling brand since 1987, is located in Çankırı's Şabanözü district. Operating across an extensive expanse of 440 decares, we have established over 20 facilities and structures. Our current product lineup spans 120 different offerings. Among these, we cater to both the civilian and military markets. We cater to the requirements of over 20 law enforcement agencies worldwide, and our civilian market products have garnered considerable acclaim. As of now, our export footprint has extended to 90 countries, underscoring the significance of our adherence to quality standards."

Turaç is set to launch and to introduce the 45 caliber cartridges in the domestic and global market

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