Turkey's Defense Industry Agenda 15 - 21 August 2022

A delegation of the Turkish Ministry of National Defense went to the United States to negotiate the supply and modernization of F-16s.

It was claimed that there was a cyber-attack on MUREN, Turkey's national submarine management system currently under development.

Taser training was given to relevant units of the General Directorate of Turkish Security Special Operations.

King of Malaysia Sultan Abdullah Shah visited Turkish Aerospace and FNSS.

Turbine equipment assembly has begun in the first power unit of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant.

Temperature tests of Turkey's first national helicopter engine TEI-TS1400 have been completed.

ADS Group, the representative of 1100 companies in the UK, announced that it will participate in SAHA EXPO 2022.

The number of METU, a top Turkish university, graduates working at ASML (Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography) in Netherlands has increased by 50 percent in the last year.

The port and sea tests of Turkey’s National Sea Cannon, developed by the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation, have been completed.

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