Turkey's Otokar to Showcase its Next-generation Armored Vehicles at IDEF

Turkish defense giant Otokar announced today in a press release that it will be showcasing it latest military vehicles and turret systems at the 15th IDEF Defence Industry Fair (IDEF21) on August 17-20, 2021.

Otokar will exhibit its next-generation armored vehicles that features superior mobility and high survivability rate.

The company will be exhibiting 11 armored vehicles at its booth at IDEF21, which is to be held at the İstanbul Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center, offering visitors a unique experience to check its vehicles up close.

The next-generation vehicles that Otokar will showcasing include; ARMA 6x6 and ARMA 8x8 multi-wheeled armored vehicles as well as TULPAR tracked vehicles.

In addition, Otokar will debut AKREP IId, the diesel variant added to the AKREP II range, and COBRA II MRAP mine-resistant armored vehicle.

General Manager Serdar Görgüç noted that Otokar is Turkey’s most experienced land systems company with 34 years of experience in military vehicles, “We strive to offer the best products and services to our users in more than 35 friendly and allied countries worldwide, including the Turkish army and security forces, against present and future threats. We reflect the experiences we gain in Turkey and other climates and geographies around the world on our vehicle development activities. At Otokar, an industry leader in land systems and a pioneer with many first to its name, we are always ready to serve our country with our products, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, and experience.”

The line-up of vehicles that Otokar will showcase at IDEF:

  • TULPAR Next-generation Armored Tracked Vehicle, with 105 mm turret system
  • TULPAR Next-generation Armored Tracked Vehicle, with 30 mm MIZRAK turret system
  • TULPAR-S Armored Tracked Vehicle, with BAŞOK turret system
  • ARMA 8x8 Multi-wheeled Armored Vehicle, with KORHAN turret system
  • ARMA 8x8 Multi-wheeled Armored Vehicle, with 30 mm NEFER turret system
  • ARMA 6x6 Multi-wheeled Armored Vehicle, with 25 mm MIZRAK turret system
  • AKREP IId Armored Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Weapons Platform Vehicle, with 90mm turret system
  • COBRA II MRAP Mine-resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle
  • COBRA II Personnel Carrier
  • COBRA II Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicle
  • URAL Armored Personnel Carrier, with BAŞOK turret system

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