Turkish defense industry company REPKON trains future engineers and specialists

The Turkish defense company REPKON which produces high-precision machines for the defense industry, also trains future engineers and expert candidates with its trainings.

REPKON, in cooperation with A-Ztech Ltd., has started an 8-week training program to raise the engineer candidates of tomorrow within the Simulation Engineer Academy.

In the recent schedule of the academy, young engineer candidates entered an intense exam marathon covering two days.

Financial literacy training

Another training program organized by REPKON was a financial literacy training consisting of 4 modules for company executives with the participation of BMI Business School Instructor Prof. Dr. Şevket Sayılgan.

The program covered important topics such as strategic financial thinking, basic financial analysis, critical equations in financial management and economic pricing models.

With the program, the company also aims its personnel to gain the skills to understand and implement business strategies and financial management more effectively.

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