Turkish Roketsan introduces drone-borne missile designed for urban warfare

Developed by Turkish defense manufacturer, Roketsan, laser guided mini missile “Mete" can neutralize with great precision and minimum collateral damage.

Speaking to defensehere.com, the market development and PR director of Roketsan, Dr. Hüdai Özdamar, said that Mete is a solution developed by the company to be used in Urban warfare.

"When you look at operations over the last couple of decades, the operations are converting from between countries to urban warfare," he said adding that in urban warfare "accuracy is a very big concern and less collateral damage is another concern".

Giving an example of one of the major threats in urban warfare, which is snipers, he said that they have to be identified through windows and between building, then neutralized precisely without causing collateral damage to the surroundings which is a very tough task for the human element.

Illustrating that they have developed this system to counter this dilemma, Özdamar said "we have developed such missile, laser guided mini missile, to be used from quadcopters and due to the laser guidance, we have pinpoint accuracy".

Adding "Since it is carrying very small warheads, the aim of this missile is just to attack only the targets with less collateral damage to surrounding people and buildings".

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