Domestic missile system was integrated into ASELSAN's unmanned land vehicle ASLAN

The Laser Guided Mini Missile System METE developed by ROKETSAN was integrated into the ASLAN, an unmanned land vehicle produced by ASELSAN.

ASLAN, who entered the new inventory, gained effective and precise striking ability with METE. This development was announced at TEKNOFEST Izmir. ASLAN will make a difference with its precise targeting, marking and autonomous driving capabilities.

ASLAN UGV can also conduct reconnaissance, surveillance, target detection and provide deterrence with the Sarp-L weapon system.

Aslan UGV, which was introduced for the first time at TEKNOFEST Samsun after the successful completion of the tests, exhibited its skills at the Unmanned Land Vehicles and Military Robotic Technologies Ceremony held at the main campus of FNSS in Ankara on November 9, 2021.

Middle-class unmanned ground vehicle ASLAN

ASLAN, which has a durable vehicle platform, can be integrated with different payloads specific to the task.

ASLAN has a wireless communication range of up to 800 meters and can also be controlled over the GSM network.

SARP-L Remote Command Stabilized Weapon System, which is a product of ASELSAN, is used as the main weapon on the Aslan platform.

Aslan can be controlled remotely with the control console, as well as autonomous in difficult terrain and environmental conditions, thanks to its autonomy features, it can also move autonomously by detecting the passable area without the need for an operator.

Moving with an electric engine, Aslan can reach a mission speed of up to 10 km per hour, can overcome ditches up to 60 cm, can move on 60% steep and 30% side slopes.

Technical Specifications

Width: 135 cm
Length: 165 cm
Height: 140 cm
Weight: < 700 kg
Maximum Speed: 10 km/h
Operating Time: 4+ hours (Depending on the mission)
Operating Temperature: -20°C - +49°C
Drive System: Electric Engine
Payloads: Sarp-L Weapon System, Payload basket, Electric upgradable mast surveillance system

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