Türksat develops new mobile and maritime antennas

Türksat displayed their new mobile and maritime antennas under the brand name PeycON.

Hasan Hüseyin Ertok, Türksat General Manager said: “PeycON is our new brand for satellite communication antennas and services. This antenna is manpack antenna as it is known in the world. It’s under 15 kilograms and it uses Ka-band for internet connection over our satellites. Its compatible with all Ka-band satellites. it takes about 5 minutes for personnel to install it and to get the connection with the satellite.”

The Mr. Ertok also showcased another antenna. The antenna is a SATCOM On-The-Move Antenna for use on marine platforms. He said the following about the antenna: “Currently it's being used by the Turkish coastguard in 15 different boats. It is compatible with all Ka-band satellites. It provides 6 Mb/s upload and 25 Mb/s download speed for the maritime boats. It’s able to provide satellite connection up to 40 Knots on the sea. Its currently being used by the coastal guard and we are planning to install more antennas this year.”



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