Ultra Launches Rapid Application of Information (RAIN) Solution

Ultra, a leading provider of Command, Control & Intelligence solutions for the defense industry, has launched Rapid Application of Information (RAIN).

RAIN is a software application which provides decision-quality data at the speed and scale of machines to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

RAIN solves the longstanding and pervasive command & command challenge of operators and analysts typically not having access to all the relevant data to effectively do their jobs. In addition to not always having access to the correct datasets, they often spend too much sorting through data, with less time available for analysis and decision-making. RAIN effectively reverses this paradigm by automatically sending time-critical data based on pre-defined rulesets using information pulled from much larger databases. RAIN enables analysts to have real-time, multi-domain data access so they can deliver mission-critical intelligence — all in a fraction of the time that it currently takes.

RAIN leverages sophisticated AI/ML technology to assist operators as its AI/ML engine continually monitors and harvests relevant data and provides it on an as-needed basis. RAIN pulls data from three classification domains (unclassified, collateral, and classified) as well as public-sector data sources, applies AI/ML and advanced analytics to make sense of the data, then alerts operators as required. Overall operator cognitive workload and the “Sense, Make Sense, Act” loop is significantly reduced.

“RAIN allows the warfighter at the tactical edge to obtain a higher degree of situational awareness faster and with increased accuracy in time-critical situations,” said Jill Daiber, Ultra’s president of C2I. “It's a game-changer for C2 data analysts and operators who need to send decision-level information to the warfighter in the most efficient way they can. Ultra has significantly invested in development of the RAIN solution and it is an essential component of our C2I offering moving forward.”

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