US approves the sale of 155mm Artillery Ammunition to Israel

The U.S. Secretary of State has approved a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Israel of M107 155mm projectiles and related equipment for an estimated cost of $147.5 million.

The Government of Israel has requested 155mm ancillaries (fuzes, primers, and charges) that will be added to previously implemented cases. This amendment will increase the total case value above notification thresholds and thus requires notification of the entire case. The original FMS cases, valued at $96.51 million, included four thousand seven hundred ninety-two rounds of M107 155mm artillery ammunition (MDE); fiftytwo thousand two hundred twenty-nine rounds of M795 155mm artillery ammunition (non-MDE); and thirty thousand M4 propelling charges (non-MDE), along with publications; associated technical documentation; and logistics support services, which have subsequently been delivered.

The new estimated total cost is $147.5 million.

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