US deploys B-52 bomber, F-22 jets for joint military drills with South Korea

The US deployed a B-52H strategic bomber and F-22 stealth fighter jets for joint military drills with South Korea on Tuesday.

“South Korea, US conducted combined air drills involving US B-52H strategic bomber, F-22 stealth fighters,” South Korea's Defense Ministry said in a statement.

Seoul has deployed its F-35A stealth jets and F-15K fighters for the air exercises.

"The deployment of the B-52H and F-22 fighters this time is part of an effort to reinforce the credibility of the U.S.' extended deterrence," Yonhap News reported, citing the ministry statement.

The two allies have held regular joint military exercises on Korean Peninsula while North Korea has recently fired dozens of missiles and projectiles.

The B-52 bomber and F-22 fighter jets took part in the military exercises just two days after North Korea claimed to have conducted tests in preparation for the launch of a military reconnaissance satellite, possibly early next year.

The tests were held on Sunday, with Pyongyang firing two medium-range ballistic missiles from Tongchang-ri areas into the East Sea, according to South Korea.

Last week, Pyongyang said it had conducted a "successful test" of a high-thrust solid-fuel motor, describing it as a new "strategic weapon" and the country's first of its kind.

Source: AA

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