XiaoCheung - innovative tactical gears

Speaking to defensehere.com Leo Cheung, product manager at XiaoCheung, talked about the company and the innovative tactical gears the company offers to customers around the world.

Mr. Cheung showed the company's new generation Frog Skin suit for police and security forces going in to the hot zone, light weight ballistic plates, and cut proof gloves designed for riot police.

XiaoCheung - innovative tactical gears

Stating that the company improves on their designs constantly with the feedback they get from the field and needs of the users Mr. Cheung said the following:

"So here at XiaoCheung we are a Hong Kong based company and our factories are in China. We specialize in protective equipment for police and military use. So, one of our biggest clients is the Hong Kong police force. Currently they use our Frog Skin anti-stab vest and also the anti-cutting gloves.

So, one of our main products for this year is the new generation of the Frog Skin. For this Frog Skin, its able to have fire retardant at zero second drip proof, corrosive resistant, oil resistant and UV protection for the whole fabric. Another special feature for this Frog Skin is that we have built-in tourniquets on all four limbs, arms and legs. Its built-in tourniquet.

So, during engagement in the hot zone they are able to put on the tourniquet while they are in the hot zone without the assistance of others. Once they get to a warm zone then they can put on a permanent tourniquet afterwards.

And then also for the hard-shell knee pad its directly connected to the pants on the outside so that it can directly adjust the knee pad and won’t be stretching on to the clothes itself.

And also for the pocket there is an interior waterproof, so you can put your documents and your maps. So, this is one of the main products from our company for this year.

So another product from our company is the Hard Rock ballistic plate. So for the Hard Rock ballistic plate here on display at the event we have a couple of different versions. This one is the first one, its thinner and lighter. It’s about one kilogram. It’s a Level IIIA+ and it can stand up to 7.62x39 MSC round.

The other one is the Level III, which is up to M80 NATO 7.62x51. This one is about 1.2 to 1.3 kilograms, and all of these have a special coating on the exterior. Once the user goes into water or in the weather or stuff like that this will be a lot more durable.

And then these two are also on the same level. This one is the level IIIA+, this one is the level III. These are the same level but then they are a little thicker and heavier but then they are a lot more economic so it’s a lot better priced for these two.

So, these are also our gloves, they are called LeatherCut. These ones are highly requested from the Hong Kong police so we designed these ones for them. These are cut resistant up to level A6 and then the fingers are also touch screen sensitive and then they have Kevlar lining so the whole glove is pretty much cut proof.”

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