Brazil receives its second submarine from Naval Group

The Brazilian navy received Humaitá, the second of four Scorpène submarines ordered from the French Naval Group under the "Prosub" program, at a ceremony on Friday. The submarine was built entirely in Brazil thanks to the company's technology transfer.

The first submarine of the ProSub program, the Riachuelo, was delivered to the Brazilian Navy in September.

The remaining two submarines of the series, Tonelero and Angostura will respectively be launched in 2024 and 2025.

“Today, with DGA from France, we celebrate the success of our cooperation with ICN and our long-term relation and collaboration with Brazil. The success of this program is collective and aimed at strengthening the Brazilian Navy and industry as well as reinforcing the country’s regional and global influence. We are proud to be part of the ProSub Program with all our partners. Our teams remain committed to keep on meeting the Brazilian navy expectations,” Pierre Éric Pommellet, CEO of Naval Group, said in his speech at the handover ceremony.

In 2009, within the framework of the French-Brazilian strategic defence cooperation agreement, the Brazilian Navy chose Naval Group for its ProSub program. Brazil decided to reinforce its submarine force with four new conventional submarines (SSK) and the development of an indigenous nuclear-powered submarine (SSN).

The Scorpène submarines of the ProSub program are manufactured and assembled in the shipyard built in Itaguaí by ICN. Naval Group contributed to this program by transferring technology, supplying the submarine design file, the equipment that makes up the submarines and technical assistance.

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