CANiK receives award at ICA 2022

Winning the Pistol of the Year Award with SFx RIVAL at ICA (The Industry Choice Awards) 2022, one of the most important awards of the weapons industry in the USA, CANiK succeeded in receiving this award for the 4th time in the last 6 years.

CANiK had previously received this award with TP9 SFx in 2017, TP9 ELITE COMBAT in 2019, and TP9 ELITE SC in 2020. As a completely independent institution, the ICA awards, determined especially by considering consumer satisfaction, have a special importance.

'We continue to grow in the USA'

SYS General Manager C. Utku Aral said, “While our CANiK brand is growing from Turkey to global markets, it both certifies its quality worldwide and increases its awareness even more with the prestigious awards it has won. With our products, which are a reflection of our deep-rooted history and innovative face, we add a qualified value to the showcase of not only our company but also the Turkish defense industry. With our products designed by our expert team with long-term studies, we offer users a better shooting experience. We see this prestigious award, which we achieved in the USA, as a representation of our success in the most challenging market of the arms world. With this award we have received, we will continue to represent the furthest point we have reached in R&D and innovation in the world, while increasing our market share in the USA.”

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