Defensehere produces various news, researches, analyzes, infographics, videos and multimedia content on cyber security, space, nuclear, artificial intelligence, technology, conflict zones, history, exercises, competitions, trainings and many more, especially in the defense industry.'s target audience is defense industry employees, defense industry companies, those interested in the defense industry, defense ministries, states' institutions related to the defense industry and academics working in this field.

Our web site has an independent and impartial news presentation style, which is at the level of international news agencies. We do not propagate any country, group or company, we produce news content that will appeal to the whole world. We stay at the same distance from all countries, and deliver the news to our followers without adding comments to them.

We see the defense industry media as an important part of the defense industry ecosystem and contribute to the development of the international defense industry through all of our news.

We follow the world's leading defense industry companies, defense ministries and armed forces of the states, news sites, think tanks and other international institutions that produce content related to the defense industry. We convey the last-minute developments, defense industry agreements and export / import news, announcements and many other developments to our readers.

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