Defensehere Magazine is now available, a website that serves in five languages and started its publication to bolster the exports of defense industry firms and facilitate business development endeavors, has introduced a fresh initiative to realize these objectives.

Having released a total of two editions up to this point, Defensehere Magazine follows a unique pattern of publication. It is tailored for exhibitions and is available in two languages. In each edition, one language is English, while the other corresponds to the language spoken in the host country of the exhibition.

The initial edition of Defensehere Magazine was prepared for the 16th International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition Lima 2023, hosted in Malaysia from May 23 to 27, and was handed out during the event.

The subsequent edition of Defensehere Magazine was printed for the 16th International Defense Industry Fair IDEF 2023, which occurred in Istanbul from July 25 to 28. It was made available to attendees during the exhibition.

The magazines can be accessed here:

Defensehere Magazine Issue 1

Defensehere Magazine Issue 2

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