Dolezych makes DoNova: An 85% lighter alternative to steel chain

Bilhan Çağrı Öktem, General Manager of Dolezych Turkey a lifting and load securement systems company, told about the work of the company and the 85% lighter alternative to the steel chain they developed.

Talking to about the company and its innovative textile chain product, Mr. Öktem said the following:

"Our company Dolezych limited, in Turkey, we have been active for 8 years. Our mother company located in Dortmund, has been present in the lifting and load securement sectors for 93 years.

So we are here to present our new product, we call it textile chain DoNova. Our product is widely sold in Germany in transportation sector, and we sold several products to German Army and also US army in Germany.

So our goal is also to present this product to the Turkish Army, which allows them to make everything much easier because this product is 85% lighter than alternative conventional steel chain and also before the polyester products had some disadvantage because you could not shorten the product but now with that new system, this is textile, 85% lighter, even on top of that you can adjust the length through a standard shackle."

DOLEZYCH lifting and load securement systems company.

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